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Trekking the Big Picture, by Andrew Lohrey

Whatever our circumstances, life is a journey into meaning, a trek through the big picture. Many of the dominant ideas in our culture are dead-ends or detours on that voyage home. We can get lost in false notions of what science means, of what ‘God’ is and the burdens of individual destiny.

In this unusual book Andrew Lohrey explores the contemporary nexus of philosophy, science and spirituality. In the codes and structures of meaning he locates the latitude and longitude of consciousness itself. In doing so he takes studies in the meaning of meaning in new directions and leads the reader towards an understanding that spirit is meaning. Far from being a dimension separate from being or knowledge, meaning/spirit is the universal ocean within which all phenomena exist.

A great strength of the book is the manner of its telling. Through a voice that develops a web of connections between personal anecdote and theory, we see in practice how we are located within the larger holistic macrocosm of the One consciousness.

Larry Dossey, MD,  says:

“In TREKKING THE BIG PICTURE, Andrew Lohrey guides us on an inspiring journey across the spiritual landscape, exploring the importance of meaning, spirit, empathy, and love. Lohrey’s insights are profound, and are a corrective to the deadening materialism of our day.”

Larry Dossey is the author of:  Healing Words, Reinventing Medicine,  The Power of Premonitions and One Mind: How our Individual Mind is Part of a Greater Consciousness and Why it Matters

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